Our cuisine takes on influences from many different cultures and regions.  We cook what we love, and we love a lot of different types of food.  On any given day you will be able to find any number of dishes from Japanese to Italian to Mexican and of course some of the great dishes from the American South.  We will also offer fresh seasonal salads, "first courses", and sides based on whimsy and local ingredients. We don't like to box ourselves into any one concept or cuisine, so there will always be something new going on inside Cote Rotie.

 About the Cuisine :

 About Cote Rotie :

    ​  About the Truck:

     We first met at the Culinary Institute of America in 2001 both pursuing degrees in the culinary arts. Three years later, our paths adventitiously crossed again at the CIA Greystone California campus for a wine immersion program. We spent eight years living on the East End of Long Island owning and operating a catering business and a small restaurant.  A new opportunity and family here in Charlottesville brought us South, and we are excited to offer great food and service to the community.

  ​-Peter and Merrill Robertson

     Cote Rotie, also known as the "roasted slope" in France's northern Rhone wine region is the origin of our name.  We chose the name for a variety of reasons, but mainly because we just love the wine from this region and it pairs perfectly with roasted or grilled foods, specifically duck and chicken.  Even though our cuisine is influenced by several other cultures, most of our techniques are classical French. Also, with so many wineries in Virginia we felt the name would strike a chord with the local vineyards and wine lovers.

     Our truck is a customized Ford F-59 step-truck built by Nationwide Auto Group in New Jersey.  All of the equipment and specifications were carefully chosen to provide the highest quality mobile cooking conditions.  The most exciting features of the truck are our Yakitori Grill and our Rotisserie, both of which had to be custom made for the truck.

    ​  About us: