Yakitori                                        Skewers

Thigh with Tare                                           Quail Egg

Breast with Wasabi                                     Pork Belly with Lemon
Wing with Sriracha**                                 Skirt Steak with Tare 

Liver with Tare or Sea Salt**                    Shiitake Mushroom
Heart with Sea Salt**                                 Eggplant with Miso     
Skin**                                                            Shishito Pepper

Chicken Meatball                                        Head-On Prawn

(with barely poached farm egg yolk )      Cherry Tomato  

                                                                        Rice Ball with Red Miso                                                                 



Free-Bird Chicken: Whole or Half

Crescent Farms Long Island Duck: Whole or Half

Cote du Boeuf: 2 Rack Aged Prime Rib Steak**

Other Items 

Virginia Ham, Collard Greens with Charred Jalapeno Corn  Bread,

Green Onion Sour Cream


 Vegetable Tempura with Mushroom Dashi

Poached Shrimp Caesar Salad Spring Rolls

Chinese Chicken Salad

Whole Fried Fish(market choice) with Chile Spiked Salsa Verde

Waygu Beef with Scallions

Southern Fried Chicken Leg with Chile-Cornbread and Gravy

Sides                                            Desserts

​  French Fries                                                                    Brownie

  Sticky Rice                                                             Chocolate-Chip Cookie

  Yucca Fries                                                                   Walnut Tart

 ​Baby Yukon Potato Confit                                             Fried Pie


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Sample Menu

​        ( changes daily and based on venue/location)

     Seasonal and Special Menu Items​

Coddled Egg, Grits, Fontina, Creamed Spinach, Grated Virginia Ham


French Fries, Chicken Gravy, and Cheese Curds(Late Night & Sunday Brunch)

Blistered Haricots Verts with Pecan, Chard Garlic, Crispy Pork Skin Farce

Whole Roasted Maitake Mushroom For Two with Seasonal Garnish (Vegetarian)

Gingko Nut with Sea Salt Skewer

Grilled and Tempura Okra 

Special Rotisserie:

Turkey,Cornish Hen, Poussin, Quail, Squab, Pork Shoulder, Suckling Pig, Leg of Lamb, Whole Prime Rib


Fire Roasted in the Box with Yuzu-Sake Glaze, Pink Peppercorn  Butter with Crostini